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I'm an illustrator and designer, based in Portugal, specializing in children’s illustration, represented by The Bright Agency.

My passion for illustration goes all the way back to my childhood years when my enthusiastic urge to create and doodle was nurtured by family and educators since kindergarten, mostly through drawing, painting and collage. I even had a phase where the stairs and bedroom walls were my canvas (all this of course, when my parents weren't looking, ahah)!

I've graduated with a BA in Communication Design and since then I've had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people on all sorts of projects. Nowadays I spend my days creating for children's books and market, illustrating whimsical storytelling, adventures and young characters, with lots of color, a pinch or two of magic and fun little details.

Most of my inspiration comes from my everyday life, so it mainly originates from the ordinary and the imaginary. Using both traditional and digital ends, my work aims to inspire joy and creativity on both kids and kids at heart.

To keep up with latest projects, see works in progress or just say hello, you can find me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

For WORK ENQUIRES, please read my CONTACT page.

Beijing Tianlue Books • Capstone • Cricket Media

Educate2Empower Publishing • Hachette Children's Group

Igloo Books • mySugar • Oxford University Press AU

Scholastic US • Usborne Publishing • and more..

Workspace essentials?
Stack of paper for me to scribble and write to do lists, a mug with never ending tea, something to snack on and my Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Favourite subjects to illustrate?
Young characters and magical storytelling. I also love to illustrate food - big foodie here!

Are your illustrations made digitally or traditionally?
Both! I like mixing the two.

What tools do you use?
I work on a pc laptop with my old, but still kicking, Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. My scanner and printer are both Epson and I also use a Huion light pad for sketching. Then depending on the project I use different materials and tools like mechanical pencils, chinese ink, gouache, color pencils, etc.

Do you still do graphic/logo design work?
Yes! With my background in both graphic and communication design, I can create a fresh and cohesive identity that fits your needs and aesthetics and that will help you forge your creative path. Feel free to contact me with some details about your design project.
* Currently only accepting design projects based in Portugal.*

What about when you're not creating?
During those times chances are that you’ll find me snuggled in a cozy spot either bullet journaling or watching the food channel, before going to the kitchen to do a fair amount of cooking and baking.

Guilty pleasure?
Elementary and Friends reruns with tea and a snack or two.
Oh, and staying in pj pants all day.. on a Monday!

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